There are many good yoga schools in the world. And Yoga needs to be experienced in reality.

Why do we believe even then, a Yoga Teacher Training Online is a good alternative? Studying with YOMAD is fun and beneficial!


Study in your own time and location, wherever you are. You only need to commit to do it in between 3-12 months and you need reliable internet and a yoga school nearby that follow the requirements.

By doing it online, you and save money for logistics, spaces and travel costs. Just grab your laptop, roll out your yoga mat, lighten a sense stick, grab a cup of tea and let’s start.

Repeat some sections, you need more time for and run quickly through the parts, you already know.


Our next YOMAD teacher training starts on 1. November 2019.

Safe your discount and order your early bird price. Apply now to safe your spot. Spaces are limited! 



This yoga teacher training is for you, if…


  • Your current work situation doesn’t allow you to take off for the training or you just haven't found the perfect schedule for you yet?
  • You are a mother or father and can’t stay long away from home?
  • You are a mother or father who is just raising a kid and looking for new ways to work after a long maternity leave.
  • You would be happy to save additional travel costs for 1-2 months to another country
  • Your limited budget welcomes a unique possibility to do your Yoga Teacher Training below 1500 EUR
  • You prefer learning alone on your own pace rather in big groups
  • Your health conditions do not allow you to travel abroad and to do an intense training
  • You want to save the time you would spend traveling to the studio back and forth for other things and could immediately start learning at home or wherever you are right now. So you can avoid traffic jam or finding a parking place.
  • You want to learn everything in English to use your gained knowledge around the globe, but you can't travel abroad right now and nearby a TTC is not offered in English
  • You can’t afford to take all of your holidays off from work for the training or you have some fixed holidays planned already for the next year ahead.


  • You are seeking to enrich your own yoga practice and dive deeper into the spiritual side of yoga, get a better understanding of the human body, physically and spiritually.
  • You are older than 18 years and simply want to get to know yourself better. Yoga is a path that can change your life forever.
  • You want to unlock some internal blockages and change your beliefs and habits that don’t longer belong to you.
  • You are in a difficult phase in your life or struggling with life right now. This course can help you to eventually start your healing process.
  • You are looking for personal growth and want to become more fulfilled, happier, lighter and focused in life.
  • You want to learn how to meditate and how to incorporate it into your daily life.
  • You are looking for another perspective of your own life. You are ready entering the path of a happy life.
  • You want to connect with people with the same vibration and frequency. You want to find or build a community around you with the same vibe.
  • You have been practicing yoga for years and feeling called to get to the next level
  • You want to improve your asana practice.
  • You want to be part of a community that makes the world a better place
  • You did already an in person TTC and you want to refresh and build up your knowledge.
  • You are practicing yoga for a while and you feel that it is time to learn more than only asanas on your mat, you want to take yoga off the mat and to a higher (spiritual) practice.
  • You are working on yourself and want to have some tools to keep on track, without external help.
  • You have injuries from other sports and want to learn how to be active and still gentle with your body.


  • You like to travel or want to travel more, for example for nomads, traveller, surfer, consultants, flight attendants or any artists.
  • You are working in a busy full-time job that doesn’t fulfil you anymore.
  • You have been working in a sedentary position in an office for long time and you would like to work more with people directly, help to solve their problems, be a guide and a teacher.
  • Working from 9am-5pm is not longer serving you and you need to find a way out of this system
  • You want to balance to your job with a meaningful job that helps other people.
  • You feel the call to nourish people and to share wisdom and happiness.


  • Your are working as a health care professional and want to merge your service with Yoga together. For example this works perfectly for: nurses, doctors, nutritionists, massage & physical therapists, life coaches, personal trainers, healer, homeopaths, osteopaths and many more.
  • You are a Yoga teacher, who is looking for higher quality certification.
  • You are a physical therapist or fitness instructor who wants to expand the own horizon and to have new different opportunities to earn money.
  • You are a student & teacher, who wants to integrate Yoga into your profession. For example for coaches, guidance counsellors, health students, professors.
  • You want or need a Yoga Alliance Certificate for your work as a Yoga teacher.



This course will learn you in the most effective way all you need to know to teach Yoga around the word.
All the information is sorted out for you and presented in an optimal way: either by the online platform, the digital manual or by other students who are in the course.

1. Online platform 

You are guided step by step through the course by the online platform. Each section will teach you a different parts followed by the guidelines of Yoga Allience: by video, by presentation, by text and by different assignments.   

2. Manual

In the manual you can find the most important things, structured in the order of the course included all checklist, asanas, sequences and extra forms.

3. Other students

To connect with other students to get inspired, to give help and ask help, to motivatie each others, to do your assignments together and finding your own learning buddy.  


Feel the call to dive deeper into the different layers and world of yoga. 


1. Become your own best practitioner 
You are here for a reason. Don’t waiste any time to share your unique talents with the people around you. The time is now. 

2. Step up as a Yoga teacher
The world needs you. The world need more softness, more openess, more love, more freedom.

 3. We are ready for you!
We are ready to guide you to the fullest. To prepare you for being that Yoga teacher, to find a way how to integrate your talents: your being, your voice, your body and spirit into the world of Yoga. ©  All rights reserved.