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Learn with Hamish the fundamentals of Pranayama. In this 1 hour class he will guide you through a number of breathing patterns, allowing you to connect to the the conscious breath and learn how to use the breath as a tool to help restore balance in the mind and body.

Hamish is a nomadic traveller and commissioned artist who has always had an insatiable curiosity about life and has spent a lot of time on a journey of self discovery. Hamish is a 200Hr Yoga Teacher and 500Hr Pranayama teacher, drawn to the meditative mindset that creativity brings his life.


Join our teacher Bine weekly for creative, playful and challenging flows. Explore your body, free your mind and allow your soul to dance.

Bine is one of the founders of YOMAD and a spiritual warrior, besides flowing on the mat herself, she loves being in nature, especially close to the ocean. Whenever she can dance, laugh, be active and surrounded by friends, Bine is in her happy place – where she wishes everyone else to be too!

Let’s connect together to open our hearts, to let LOVE in to connect with others, to set our intention, to melt into our bodies and heart.
The cacao ceremony will be supported by meditation, heart opening yin yoga poses, setting our intentions and of course cacao.
Corona, as facilitator of over 3 years of Cacao Ceremonies in Bali, Sweden and the Netherland
as connecting people with their heart and each other.

Join our teacher Sonja for powerful meditations to release and restore.

Find stillness and reconnect with your true state of awareness, love and peace.

Sonja is a passionate yogi, loving mother and eager to learn from her own life´s journey. Her compassion is the mind-body-medicine. She combines timeless spiritual guidance with the latest medical research to guide you to the balance of body and mind and brighten your life.

Join our teacher DEV for creative, introspective hatha classes which allow for connection of the mind, body and breath through a sequence of Asana and breathwork.
Hatha Yoga is the root of Yoga and a holistic practice, uniting the body, mind and soul, through Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.

His teaching Yoga style offers different variations, such as traditional Hatha Yoga (Rishikesh Series) or modern Hatha Yoga (Hatha Yoga Flow).

Join our teacher Mieke for her creative Vinyasa flows in German language, combined with solid alignment, relaxation sequences and rounded off by a deep body, mind and soul connection.ceremonies. 

Mieke is definitely a real Yoga lover. 
In her daily life her head is full of ideas, she loves the variety and she can’t resist spreading positive vibes. Living the Yogi way is her way to find her inner truth and become her true self.
Every 1st SUNDAY 10.30-12.30h: 
Open your heart during our Online Cacao Ceremony.
Connect in a deeper way. Remember what is truly important for you. Invite in more softening and relaxation. Create a moment of pure presence. Set your intention for that day, week or upcoming time. Align mind, body & heart and raise your frequency.
The cacao ceremony will be supported by meditation, singing, dancing, setting intentions, and of course drinking the cacao. All these tools will help you to sink deeper into your heart.

Here could be your class. Are you a healing teacher, facilitator,  coach or offer any other service to help transforming people?

Want to join our tribe and offer your class with us online?

Register with us as a facilitator and join the YOMAD tribe.


Here could be your class. Are you a healing teacher, facilitator,  coach or offer any other service to help transforming people?

Want to join our tribe and offer your class with us online?

Register with us as a facilitator and join the YOMAD tribe.


Cacao Ceremony Student

About the online cacao ceremonies: “I lost a heavy feeling around my chest and heart. - This is exactly what I needed to let go of my emotions. - I feel extra connected. - I feel so grateful. Feel closer again to me. - My intention was to feel love and for sure I did this!. - I feel so peaceful - My intention is love and passion, I feel this now so strong! Anddd I received all new creative ideas. - I l et go of a lot… and I feel so much love. - I feel relaxt and a deep trust in my heart”

several participants
cacao ceremony participants

Immediatly at my first cacao ceremony I fell in love with it! Such a beautiful and heart-opening experience. It is the perfect combination with my yoga classes, singing circles and as supportive tool at my retreats. What I liked the most about the course is that I could do it all at my own pace. Corona and Supi developed a great curriculum; a combination of a written manual, videos, presentations and even online ceremonies together and of course the support of the group. It is a practical, loving and effective course! And last but definitely not least, you can feel the love that Corona and Supi have put in the proces of designing this course and assisting you in your learning. They are two beautiful souls!

High school teacher and Yoga Teacher

During an amazing Bali retreat I felt so strongly that I want to create my own tribe in the Netherlands by bringing people together through cacao 🍫 I am so happy with the Cacao Course so I learn everything about cacao and how I can use it in combination with my yoga and meditation classes and just with my friends, my tribe! I love that I can do the course in my own pace and in my own time. In this way I can combine it easily with my job as communication manager, yoga and meditation teacher.

Communication manager, yoga and meditation teacher

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