DIVE DEEP – Alignment & Adjustment Mastery


Mastery course:


  • Up to 100 asanas
  • Study manual eBook
  • Access to the private online community


You are amazed by the power of Yoga.
You want to know everything about alignment & adjustment of the most important asanas.


  • a super detailed manual, which includes: pictures of the asana, precise instructions of 98 asanas, a variety of cues to get more creative in your teaching, helpful explanations and suggestions about different teaching approaches, the history of asana, important facts about asana, how to practice asana, benefits & contraindications of each asana, preparatory & follow up asanas for each pose, the English & Sanskrit name of each asana and much more.
  • tons of videos to get confident with your hands-on adjustments, featuring new approaches on how to adjust your students.
  • tasks & guidelines that gradually improve your skills and increase your self-confidence.
  • a community of like-minded people from around the world who are on the course with you.

This course will learn you in the most effective way all you need to know to teach yoga asanas, alignment and deepen your own practice.
All the information is sorted out for you and presented in an optimal way:
either by the online platform, the digital manual or by other students who are in the course.   


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