30-Day Program: Free Your Soul Challenge


The program starts on 9. March 2020.

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Freedom is one of our soul desires of every human being.

FREE YOUR SOUL is a 30 days program, where you learn the key concepts of the Vedic philosophy, Purusartha (means “the purpose of human being”) that we bring into our modern world and your daily life.

We will build in just 30 days your roadmap to a freedom lifestyle.

After this philosophy, there are four core desires or proper goals of our soul, which are the fundament for a fulfilling and happy life.

With only 30 minutes per day:

  • 1. you will learn to get new insights about your soul and learn about ancient wisdom that will transform your life,
  • 2. you will meditate daily to become more clear about what you want in life and daily transformational task, which will lead you to a freedom masterplan at the end of the 30 days.

If you need more information, check here the way to your Freedom roadmap.


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