Kriyas: Powerful Cleansing Practices

Kriya Yoga is not a new Yoga style, in case you never heard about it. It’s actually one of the more older ones of the newer versions.  In this article, we will review the six body cleansing practices which are the substance of this yoga path.



Kriya Yoga is an ancient yoga system that was revived by the great yogi Mahavatar Babaji circa 1861. It is the meditation technique of energy and breath control, in other words, pranayama. It is not an independent path, rather, it is part of a comprehensive spiritual path that includes some additional meditation practices along with the right living.



Kriya Yoga has numerous benefits. If you practice the meditation techniques regularly, you can transform your body, mind, and consciousness subtly. Some benefits take time to unfold, some are visible right away.

  • Kriya Yoga brings out inner peace from meditation. With it come understanding and greater clarity.
  • It also brings harmony and joy to your family and relationships; makes you create the capacity to give and receive unconditional love.
  • Kriya Yoga can harmonize the life forces in your body and removes the stress that might harm you, it lets you promote your health and vitality.
  • It grants you inner happiness and security no matter what hardships life might give you along the way.


The six body cleansing practices

So, what are the cleansing practices in yoga? When we think of cleaning of our body, we usually mean the external part of it, which we take great care of. However, the internal body we don’t see is even more important. There are many ways of cleaning and removing the unwanted matters that accumulate in our bodies over time and those practices are the following:

  1. Neti kriyas help to clean your nasal passage. It can prevent problems related to ears, nose, throat, and eyes. On top of that, it has a very calming and soothing effect on your brain so you can control negative thoughts with more concentration.
  2. Dhauti Kriyas are stomach cleaning process and many issues in your body, such as indigestion, acidity, burning sensation in the stomach, gastric trouble is relieved.
  3. Vasti Kriya (Enema) cleans your large intestine thoroughly, it can increase your appetite and the problems related to constipation and indigestion are solved.
  4. Nauli Kriyas also increase your appetite by removing potential disabilities. It can cure stomach and liver diseases.
  5. Kapal bhakti, bhastrika kriyas sharpen your ability to think and boosts your self-confidence as it’s the process of cleaning the brain and the central part of your head. This practice can help you develop your memory and knowledge.
  6. Tratak Kriya is an eye activity and therefore, can prevent eye diseases as well as improve your sight, increase your willpower and feel peace of mind. It can prepare you for a meditation session.


As we learned from the article, our body not only needs cleansing of the parts that are visible to us but the invisible parts of it, which we might ignore, deserve better treatment and Kriyas offer us the great tools to do so.

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