Alignment and adjustment course - Intro

You are a yoga teacher and you want to learn how to teach in English.

You are teaching already but you are insecure about how to adjust your students and ready to widen your horizon.

You don’t feel self-confident enough to leave the comfort zone of your mat while teaching.

You are willing to improve your teaching skills and to deepen your knowledge.

You love yoga as much as we do and you want to join a community of like-minded people.

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1. Use the present moment as a gift to yourself

NOW is the time to prioritize yourself.

NOW is the perfect moment to improve your teaching skills.

NOW you have the time to learn.

Due to the unsettling situation of the world we have learned the importance of online education.

These are the advantages of our online course:

  • *You can start the course anytime
  • *You can study in your own time and re-watch the videos again and again
  • *You can practice in your own home
  • *You can go over all of the sections several times
  • *You can skip the parts you already know and spend more time on new information

By doing it online, you save money on logistics & travel and still meet like-minded people from around the world

2. Be honest with yourself and take a step out of your comfort zone

YES, you might be teaching already and are a good teacher, but here some questions for you:

  • *During class, are you mostly glued to your mat?
  • *Is it difficult for you to keep eye contact with your students?
  • *Are you using loads of fillers like “ehm”?
  • *Are you sometimes fishing for words?
  • *Do you have certain words and phrases you keep repeating during a class, like “we gonna…  I want you to…”?
  • *Have you done only one 200hrs TTC?
  • *Is your last Training more than a year ago?
  • *Are you struggling with mumbling and/or stuttering?

If you can answer 2 questions with “YES”, our course is for you.

  • *Are you aware of your body language?
  • *Is your sequence always organic for the body?
  • *Are you using simple and enough/not too many movement cues?

If you can answer 1 question with “NO”, we assure you the course will make you more confident, emphatic and successful.

3. Freedom

  • *The detailed manual is for you to keep forever
  • *You have access to the videos for a whole year
  • *You decide when you want to finish the course and how many hours you want to study each week
  • *You can use the knowledge to simply improve your self- practice or to add on to your teaching skills (which goes hand in hand anyways 😉 )
  • *You have the freedom to study from anywhere you want
  • *There is no fix “time schedule”, no “class is over – no time for questions”… Time is here simply in your hands! You can make the best out of your day by creating your own virtual schedule .


Our DIVE DEEP course starts on 

1. August 2020

Apply now to safe your spot. 


This course is for you, if…


  • your current work situation doesn’t allow you to take time off for a training or you just haven't found the perfect schedule for you yet.
  • you are a parent and can’t stay away from home for long?
  • you are a parent on a longer maternity leave who is looking into new lines of work.
  • you would like to save travel costs and are looking for an online course
  • you have a limited budget
  • you prefer learning alone on your own pace
  • your health condition does not allow you to travel abroad and to do an intense in-person training
  • you want to save the time you would spend traveling back and forth to the studio for other things
  • you want to learn in English to feel confident to teach around the globe
  • you can’t afford to take all of your holiday from work for a training and it would be easier to study from home


  • you are seeking to enrich your own yoga practice, to get a better understanding of the human body and to increase your self-confidence to offer hands-on adjustments.
  • you are older than 18 years and simply want to get to know yourself better. Yoga is a path that can change your life forever.
  • you want to unlock internal blockages and change your beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.
  • you want to get back into teaching after a break.
  • you are in a difficult phase in your life . This course can help you to start your healing process.
  • you are looking for personal growth and want to become more fulfilled, happier, lighter and focused in life.
  • you are looking for another perspective on your own life. You are ready to enter the path of a happy life.
  • you want to connect with people with the same vibration and frequency. You want to find or build a community around you that shares the same vibe.
  • you have been practicing yoga for years and feeling called to get to the next level.
  • you want to improve your asana practice.
  • you want to be part of a community that makes the world a better place.
  • you already did an in-person TTC and want to refresh your knowledge and learn new skills.
  • you are a student & teacher, who wants to integrate yoga into your profession.
  • you are for example a coach, guidance counselor, health student or professor.


Cacao Ceremony Student

The course is so valuable: Corona and Supi are sharing so much knowledge through the platform with videos, manual and live calls. For me learning this online is working very well. They explain everything in detail like the history of the cacao, the origin, where it grows, how the process is going, which ingredients you need, why which product, how to use it, the amounts. And also how to organise your own ceremonies with all the different elements from music till oracle cards, till meditation, till yoga, you name it! Besides that the course really motivated me to host my first cacao ceremony already during the course. The private Facebook group is a good support in this as well. I felt myself growing during the course to a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator: my first ceremony is there!

Nomad & Yoga Teacher

Immediatly at my first cacao ceremony I fell in love with it! Such a beautiful and heart-opening experience. It is the perfect combination with my yoga classes, singing circles and as supportive tool at my retreats. What I liked the most about the course is that I could do it all at my own pace. Corona and Supi developed a great curriculum; a combination of a written manual, videos, presentations and even online ceremonies together and of course the support of the group. It is a practical, loving and effective course! And last but definitely not least, you can feel the love that Corona and Supi have put in the proces of designing this course and assisting you in your learning. They are two beautiful souls!

High school teacher and Yoga Teacher

During an amazing Bali retreat I felt so strongly that I want to create my own tribe in the Netherlands by bringing people together through cacao 🍫 I am so happy with the Cacao Course so I learn everything about cacao and how I can use it in combination with my yoga and meditation classes and just with my friends, my tribe! I love that I can do the course in my own pace and in my own time. In this way I can combine it easily with my job as communication manager, yoga and meditation teacher.

Communication manager, yoga and meditation teacher


This course is the perfect refresher to get the best out of your practice & teaching.

The entire course is made for you: supportive, creative, profound, fun, detailed, and simply made with so much love.

Explore your body in a new way to improve your practice, enhance your cueing through different exercises, upgrade your classes by using our “cooking book” of asanas for your new style of sequencing and widen your horizon through our community.


1. What is cacao & how to make it?

You will learn everything about cacao and about the cacao plant itself, the differences between cacao beans, cacao past and cacao powder, what it does on a physical and energetical level and the history of cacao ceremonies. 

Step by step you will be guided in how to make your own cacao for ceremonies and different varieties to make it. 

2. How to hold a cacao ceremony? 

You will be set up with all the things you need to know about how to structure your ceremony like opening the space, introducing cacao, serving the cacao, and closing the ceremony.

And you will learn the most important things about choosing a location for the ceremony and  how to set up the space. 

3. Ways to hold your own cacao ceremony.

You will learn important elements for the ceremony which you can blend in based on your personal talents, like exercises, music, games, yoga or breathwork. 

And how you can hold the space by being you and other tips you receive in this course.

You will also receive a blueprint of how you can set-up your cacao ceremony as a business. 



This course is the perfect refresher to get the best out of your practice & teaching.

The entire course is made for you: supportive, creative, profound, fun, detailed, and simply made with so much love.

Explore your body in a new way to improve your practice, enhance your cueing through different exercises, upgrade your classes by using our “cooking book” of asanas for your new style of sequencing and widen your horizon through our community.

Relax at work concept. Yoga mat in an office desk

1. Online platform 

We offer an online platform that guides you through the course step by step. The course is divided into different asana sections. Each section has its own videos and tasks working on a certain group of asana, helping you to improve your teaching skills.

2. Community

The best way to learn is to hear different point of views from your fellow students from around the world.

Our teacher team has traveled the globe extensively and we have learned so much from students living different lifestyles in different cultures. Being a yoga teacher influenced by many styles, teachers and students is the best benefit you can take away from this course.

Connect with like-minded people from around the world through our course.

3. We are ready for you

We are ready to guide you to the fullest, to prepare you to be the yoga teacher you always wanted to be. We help you to find a way to integrate your talents, your being, your voice, your body and spirit into the world of yoga, flavored by some special & magical top-secret teaching skills provided by us.


Because there won´t a better moment to join us, the perfect time is now.

Yomad academy
Bine in action

1. Follow your intuition.
You are here for a reason. Don’t waiste any time to share your unique talents with the people around you. The time is now. 

2. Step up as a spaceholder.
The world needs you. The world need more softness, more openess, more love, more freedom.

 3. We are ready for you!
We are ready to guide you to the fullest. To prepare you for being that cacao spaceholder, to find a way how to integrate your talents (your being, your voice, your music, your…) into the world of cacao. 


Bronze Package

Course only

129*one time payment

* Early Bird price ends on 31. August 2020. REGULAR PRICE: 199 EUR.

Manual ebook with 98 asanas
Access to private online community
98 tutorial videos with detailed explanation
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Silver Package

Course & in-person

319*one time payment or 3 times €115,- per month

* Early Bird price ends on 31. August 2020. REGULAR PRICE: 399 EUR.

All features of Bronze package
2 x Online Coaching Session of 60 minutes
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Gold Package

Course & in-person

699*one time payment or 4 times €189,- per month

* Early Bird price ends on 31. August 2020. REGULAR PRICE: 799 EUR.

All features of Gold package
2-3 day weekend in-person Group Immersion (you can join in Germany; Netherlands, Bali)
1 x mastermind group calls
Prior Support
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