You are a yoga teacher and you want to learn how to teach in English.
You are teaching already but you are insecure about how to adjust your students and ready to widen your horizon.
You don’t feel self-confident enough to leave the comfort zone of your mat while teaching.
You are willing to improve your teaching skills and to deepen your knowledge.
You love yoga as much as we do and you want to join a community of like-minded people.

This course is the perfect refresher to get the best out of your practice & teaching.

The entire course is made for you:
supportive, creative, profound, fun, detailed, and simply made with so much love.
Explore your body in a new way to improve your practice, enhance your cueing through different exercises, upgrade your classes by using our “cooking book” of asanas for your new style of sequencing and widen your horizon through our community.

Course Curriculum

Sun Salutations
Standing asanas
Seated asanas
Backend asanas
Inverted asanas
Arm-Balancing Asana
Counter & Resting Poses
Sun Salutation A incl. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana Details 00:00:00
Sun Salutation B flow Details 00:00:00
Sun Salutation incl. Utkatasana Details 00:00:00
Sun Salutations Benefits Details 00:00:00
Sun Salutation incl. Utkatasana Details 00:00:00
Sun Salutation A Flow Details 00:00:00
Sun Sal C incl. Bhujangasana & Ashtanga Namaskarasana Details 00:00:00
Sun Salutation C Flow Details 00:00:00
Sun Salutation C incl. Anjaney Asana Details 00:00:00

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