How to earn passive income with Cacao Ceremonies


Oh, yes! We feel you!

Corona times need us all to reconnect with our true purpose, getting creative, finding new strategies to incorporate our service with the current situation.

We have a lot of firends and clients who are yoga teacher, facilitator, healer, instructor, therapists and so on. We all live most on physical or in-person treatments and workshops. 

So we decided to create a special deal for our Cacao Ceremony courses, where you can earn almost 80 EUR commissions (instead of usually 36 EUR per course) , if any friend or someone form your leads will buy the course. 

Usually it’s 10% commission, but we feel, we need to hold together and want to offer this special deal for you today.


If you have already a community or tribe that could be interesting in Cacao Ceremony Online Courses, this will be easy.

Here the next steps:

1. Register below as n Yomad Affiliate partner and become our YOMAD ambassador

2. To promote in particular the Cacao Ceremony course and this URL link  and create a special affiliate link in your YOMAD affiliate account. This link you can use to invite friend or embed it into your blog posts, ads, posts or website offers.

3. You can download our Affiliate Cacao Ceremony package and use some of the content as you like.

4. Create some awesome posts, write a blogpost about the benefits of Cacao ceremonies or create an add or send a newsletter you your students and friends. There are many ways by just sharing.

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