• Final assignment 

    As the final assignment of this section, you are being asked to hold your second cacao ceremony with at least 3 people. This time you will also incorporate all the knowledge about how to […]

  • Assignment 7.2 

    1.Prepare how you would set up your second cacao ceremony. E.g. think about creating a centre in the middle, a place where people can sit, and where you will be. Think about what you should a […]

  • Assignment 7.1 

    Think about three locations you could use for your next cacao ceremony. Reach out to at least one location to ask what the possibilities are (using the checklist) and what the price would b […]


    As the final assignment of this section, you hold the ceremony you have been preparing for in the previous assignments.


    Reflect back on your ceremony.
    What are the things […]

  • Assignment

    Prepare how you want to close your ceremony. Record it by video or write it down in text.
    Share in the Facebook group or forum your video or text about setting and sharing the intention.
    When […]

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