The YOMAD academy is a heart project of the CEOs Bine and Supi and much more than only a school. 

It is a community for likeminded beings, to share and grow together, a platform to connect free individual souls, 

who want to change the world into a better place and help others on the path of transformation.

The two soul sisters share their passion for yoga, love to travel and all of their skills to manage a life of choice, free and independent.

Through YOMAD Academy they found a way to spread their knowledge of Yoga and their experiences in traveling the world as a digital nomad, as well as support others in settling up a Yoga business, furthermore in combination with the marketing side of it.

Big life changes can be challenging, which is why YOMAD Academy approaches them from the basics, coaching passionate Yoga lovers in how to teach Yoga in person or online, supporting them on their way to become fulfilled and mindful beings, following their purpose on this beautiful earth.

YOMAD Academy offers courses and Yoga teacher training as well as individual coaching programs for everyone´s personal needs. Retreats, webinars, events to connect and support to everybody around the globe who wants to take that step towards a community life for special souls, to live a happy life at a place, where you always wanted to be, with sparkling eyes and a heart full of love.


Bine Yomad academy

Bine (Sabine) Steenearts

CEO YOMAD academy

Bine has been living a partial nomad lifestyle as a Yoga teacher for the last couple of years. Over the past four years, she worked as a teacher trainer, leading Yoga teacher training courses, wrote concepts for 200hrs Yoga teacher training and successfully qualified more than 600 Yoga teachers from all over the world.

As an E-RYT 500 she teaches both, drop-in classes and teacher training courses, her main practice and teaching style is Vinyasa Flow, offering creative, challenging and playful sequences to her students. She also teaches Hatha and Yin Yoga. In YTT courses she covers all Yoga theory subjects, as well as alignment & adjustment of Yoga Asanas.

Bine found Yoga for herself as a healing practice at a difficult time in her life when she worked 65hrs per week, managing fitness clubs where she took care of sales & marketing, customer service, finances, administration, and human resources development. In addition, she is been responsible to teach the sales team across Germany to ensure the success of the famous fitness brand.

Her journey to find peace within, brought her to mother India and Sri Lanka where she enrolled herself in various TC programs in Ayurveda and different Yoga Styles as in Hatha, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Acro Yoga.

Traveling the world for Yoga, Bine met many people who, burned out by western lifestyle, were struggling on their path, trying to reconnect with themselves and with nature. Through YOMAD, she wants to help them bring back light and happiness in their lives, just as Yoga did it for her.

Besides flowing on the mat herself, she loves being in nature, especially close to the ocean. Whenever she can dance, laugh, be active and surrounded by friends, Bine is in her happy place – where she wishes everyone else to be too!

Supi YOmad academy

Supi (Suparni) Neuwirth

CEO YOMAD academy

Supi is a nomad for many years already, traveling around the world, while living out of her suitcase. Supi’s full name Suparni means „well winged” or “the one with beautiful wings“ in Sanskrit and so she is. A free spirit.

She calls herself a lifestyle designer: the serial entrepreneur works as a marketing specialist and consultant, retreat and festival organizer, publisher of German vegan cooking books and a vegan food blogger, a life and nutrition coach as well an occasional yoga teacher. She loves helping individuals and organizations to find their purpose and grow in a holistic way.

She is a positive thinking soul and focuses on the good and better parts of the world. That’s why she feels called to help other people to transform, shift their mindset and create their own lifestyle and business with purpose and impact.

Influenced by their parent’s Yoga, meditation, healthy and vegetarian nutrition, as well as spirituality at all, have always been part of her life. But she knows the other western side as well and loves to find solutions to connect both worlds together in a modern way of living.

Suparni made her teacher training 2011 in Thailand with Blooming Lotus and teaches primarily Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. On top, she made some special certificates in AirYoga, Prana Flow and Yoga for burn out (-prevention).

Personally, she likes to practice her own patchwork yoga style influenced by many great yoga teachers around the world. Besides that, she likes Rocket Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kirtans, Cacao Ceremonies and is passionate with Ecstatic Dance.

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