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If you start somewhere within yourself.

Combining ancient yogic wisdom with an eco-friendly nomadic lifestyle, we invite you to join our community of open-minded & good-hearted warriors of light.

You may just be one single tree. But together with other yogis and yoginis you can become a forest. 

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Yoga teacher training online

YOMAD Yoga Teacher Training 200h Online

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I met Bine in Goa in 2016 for my TTC. Because of her carrying character and her open mind & heart she is been my mentor of choice and I trusted her straight on. Not only because she was always approachable for us as a student and at ease in the classroom, also because of her amazing anatomical knowledge and her for acro yoga she got my attention for her classes. I liked her way of teaching because it is accessible for everyone. I can´t wait to be her student again ☺
Yoga Teacher
Yoga with Bine is such a beautiful experience. I find her classes so inspiring, she naturally interweaves a theme with movements and the postures she links together feel so good! Even after practising yoga for years and years I usually learn something new in Bine's class - a particular movement or adjustment. I can't really recommend her enough - I have never enjoyed a vinyasa class more - please go and experience the magic for yourself!
Picture Editor & Yoga Teacher
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Yoga teacher training online

Our YOMAD Teacher Training 200h Online will be out soon

We’ll be adding more courses and programs on and on. Let”s keep in touch to join our journeys and offers. We don’t want to miss you here. 💓 

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